The United States on Friday warned U.S. citizens in the Gulf state of Qatar of a possible terrorist attack sometime in the next week directed at a hotel or hotels in Doha that are frequented by Americans. The U.S. Embassy in Doha said the threat was for a "relatively specific timeframe" and advised Americans to steer clear of all major hotels in the capital for the next seven days.

The embassy said on Thursday it had "information about a possible attack during a relatively specific timeframe against a hotel or hotels used by Americans in Doha" and repeated that message on Friday.

"Given the specificity of the threat, the embassy felt it prudent to alert the American community and others," it said in a notice issued to U.S. citizens in Qatar, a copy of which was provided to AFP in Washington by the State Department.

"The embassy advises Americans to continue to avoid major hotels in Doha during the upcoming week," it said, adding that Qatari security services were aware of the threat and were taking measures in response. The notice did not elaborate on the exact nature of the threat or what hotel or hotels it might be directed against.

A State Department official said despite the threat, Washington was not advising U.S. citizens to defer travel to Doha.

Source: [The Daily Star]

Now this is just great! As if there is life beyond the boundaries of hotels. This is really too much. In addition to all the things that we have to give up by living here, we now have to live in fear!