Due to the nature of my job as a news-person, I am almost unaffected by regional political mayhem. But there is one current affair that infuriates me to no end: The fact that the notorious Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi is actually Jordanian. I still can’t fathom how this pedophile thug who runs around beheading people comes from the country where I was born and spent some of the happiest days of my life.

What makes the situation still worse is that because I’m working in a newsroom I’m cursed, always subjected to the most recent updates of Zarqawi’s ill doings. The minute I hear his latest news I get this irresistible urge to hide, to run away from the scandalous piece of information generated by my fellow countryman.

I’m not sure if I am becoming overly obsessed with Zarqawi’s nationality but I notice that for some reason news outlets covering his wrongdoings tend to highlight his country of origin. In almost every news item I see Zarqawi referred to as: "Jordanian-born militant" or "Jordanian fugitive" or even "Jordanian al-Qaeda ally." It is always "Jordanian" this or "Jordanian" that. No one fails to mention his birthplace! Ah, the shame!

I remember back in the old days when Jordan was not a country that everyone immediately knew when I was asked my place of origin. Many thought it was a city in the US state of Georgia. Others joked about it being a country named after Michael Jordan. It was still a fairly small, unknown Middle Eastern country. Things are not the same anymore. Due to the satanic deeds of Zarqawi and his followers my nation has been stained forever.

To Zarqawi and his cronies, I say damn you! I will dance a dance of joy and sing a song of bliss the moment you are brought to justice for your hideous crimes. Shame on you for tarnishing the reputation of my country and shame on you even more for acting in the name of God.