Standing outside the chapel on Mt. Nebo

Today is our one-year anniversary.

I can’t believe how time flew by so quickly. It was just the other day that we were running around trying to take care of all the wedding preparations! I remember back then how extremely stressed out I was about the big day. I was worried about everything: my dress, my weight, the flowers, the wedding cards, the travel preparations, you name it. But it worked out perfectly.

Well, we made it and the wedding turned out absolutely beautiful, definitely the happiest day of my life. Happy anniversary hubby! You complete me.

When we first got started on all of this web blogging business it all began with the wedding website. Those of you who have seen it already can take a peek again. Those that haven’t might find it interesting. It was Jeff’s early and first "web" project.

He is putting up scans "within the week," he says of some of the professional photos taken at the ceremony. For now there are tons of fantastic amateur photos to peruse. Some new video "might" make it as well he says. Keep checking and please sign our guest book if you do take a moment to stop by 🙂