Sounds improbable, but Prince Faisal of Jordan thinks it could happen one day.

Jordan and Iraq are mulling a possible joint bid to stage soccer’s biggest showcase after 2014, the prince said Wednesday in The Times and Guardian newspapers.

"The situation at the moment would make any bid ludicrous," Prince Faisal was quoted as saying. "What will things be like in five years time? It could be a very prosperous nation. If the conditions are right, people will take it seriously."’

Soccer is hugely popular in Iraq, and the national soccer team reached the semifinals at the Olympic tournament in Athens. Because FIFA is rotating the World Cup around the world, the next opportunity for the Middle East, which comes under the Asian confederation, would be 2018.

Source: [TSN] Via: [And Far Away]

Could it happen? Maybe. Certainly if it did, it will make me a happy camper. Nothing breaks stereotypes like a good match of football!