Soap Kills plays the Blue Fig in July 2003

I’m not sure if anyone out there is familiar with the Lebanese band Soap Kills, but I really dig them.

For the past hour or so I have been busy making a carrot cake while listening to their album “Cheftak” or “I saw you”. It is really great stuff. Their music is a mesh of jazz, downbeat electronica with oriental influences.

I attended one of their concerts last year in Amman at the Blue Fig and I remember being well impressed by not only their music but by their animated stage presence.

I vividly remember keyboard and guitar player, Zeid, jumping from the top of one table to the other in attempts to get the crowd, who seemed far too involved in the eating, to dance and groove along. Maybe their music was too complex for patrons of Blue Fig.

These are a few pictures from the Blue Fig show last year taken by my one and only hubby.