The highlight of this week was yet another successful cooking story. It was Chicken Divan with Broccoli Casserole. I got the recipe from my sister Brigitte and the result was really fantastic. Jeff insists it was the best of all my dishes so far. Not bad!

In other developments, we are in the process of getting Jeff a driving license. As he is the proud holder of an American driving license, all he needs to do to get a Qatari one is to fill some paper work. It is an entirely different case for me, as I happen to have a license issued from a Middle Eastern country.

To get a Qatari license, I have to take both written and driving exams along with doing some other tedious paper work. I decided to pass on this for now and give the pleasure of driving in this country to my dear husband. Hopefully, we’ll get the license tomorrow and then we are off to rent a car.

Meanwhile, this week we had more than our share of watching crappy movies. We saw a lot, but the two that annoyed me the most were 50 First Dates and Laws of Attraction. They both smothered me with their cheesiness.