Yesterday, we spent the evening with Amal. She invited us over to her new place, where we had a great time, chatting and laughing about life in Doha in particular, and the Arab World in general. Her new apartment is very nice and cozy. She definitely worked hard on it. I so loved the couches!

In separate developments:

  1. Jeff finally got his Qatari residency, yippee!!! This means he doesn’t need to leave the country every month to renew his visa. Now he is a proud resident of Qatar 😉
  2. I made cucumber and yogurt salad few days ago. And let me tell you, it was very good. Yeah, Im getting arrogant!
  3. My Spanish/English friend Pilar called me the other day from London. We chatted for more than half an hour and it was great. I really miss her and miss the wonderful times we spent together wandering the streets of London.
  4. I’m reading a great book nowadays. It’s called I, the Divine. It is a very entertaining story about the eventful life of a woman who is an American-Lebanese Druze. The author’s writing style is unique: very creative, witty and amusing.
  5. It is very hot and humid here in Qatar. The mere idea of leaving the luxury of our 24/7 air-conditioned apartment is very disturbing. It’s in the 40’s (40 °C equals 104 Farhenheit for those stateside) with 40% humidity. We are thinking car rental now that Jeff can finally get a Qatari driver’s license.