It seems like we have new neighbors that are proving to be a nuisance. In addition to having loud crying babies, they have the habit of leaving their garbage in our floor corridor waiting for it to be picked up by some sort of divine power.

Last week, they left their smelly garbage uncovered which caused the whole floor to stink. In addition to the usual junk, their trash included some bread, a piece of chicken and some sort of a chicken dressing . Yes, they leave them exposed for us to enjoy the odor.

As I couldn’t stand the smell anymore, I suggested taking the garbage ourselves, but Jeff fiercely objected saying: “I’m not gonna take out someone’s rotten chicken”. Instead, he proposed the passive aggressive method of leaving posted notes with the message “Do not put your garbage here”, or something like it since we didn’t know who was doing it. But that never came to pass.

Instead, today we called our building’s janitor/cleaner Samir to take care of the stinking garbage and maybe even scold the culprits. He promised he would take care of the issue as soon as he is done with his prayers. Now, I’m waiting and hoping. Maybe, when I get back home, I will find a surprise: an odor-less corridor. Who knows! Let’s just keep hoping.