have but a few days left before we make our way back to Doha. We are scheduled
to leave on Sunday. This vacation passed so quickly. I really can’t believe our
40-day hiatus will come to an end in less than a week. We really had a great time
here amongst friends and family, making the idea of going back to life-less Doha
all the less appealing.

On a positive note, we had a great evening yesterday. We spent it with my Cousin Shereen and her husband Jamal. We visited them to congratulate them on their new baby boy, Kareem. He is just so adorable and his parents are over the moon with happiness with his arrival. Mom, Brigitte and the kids came with us and later that evening other relatives joined. Shereen really made a feast of delicious
deserts and snacks. Yummy!!

While we were enjoying the festive mood, the electricity went out all over Jordan — a first in the history of the Kingdom. As a result, our meal was by candlelight, which was a lot of fun.

We have no major plans for the few coming days; just chilling, packing and taking care of last-minute errands. A couple of days ago we took a quick trip to Iraq el Amir — a Nabatean castle on the suburbs of Amman. Jeff had never been there and was keen to check it out. We went with the Connelly clan, Mark, Brigitte and banat (the girls). Brigitte and I spent most of the trip keeping up with the kids, while the men busied themselves photographing the ancient site.

Tomorrow morning we are invited for breakfast at my cousin Abeer’s house. I anticipate it to be the kind of filling Arabic breakfast that leaves you full for days to come. It should be good!