Yesterday, the 8th of July, was my 28th birthday and I celebrated it amongst my family and friends, which was the best gift I could think of. All during the day, I was showered with gifts, flowers, cakes and lots of love.

Later that night, I was supposed to have dinner with Jeff at an Italian restaurant called Villa Toscana and then later meet up with my friends at the Irish pub in Abdoun.

But Jeff tricked me! Soon after we got into the car he asked me to wear sleeping blinders on my eyes. "But we are supposed to be going to Villa Toscana," I kept arguing while he explained that he just wanted to pick up something for me on the way that would only take a minute.

After maybe a 15-miute drive, the car stopped and he walked me out (Yes, I was still blindfolded!) to an unknown destination. When I took my blinders off I was surprised to find myself at a different restaurant – Houstons – with all of my good friends sitting at the centre table with flowers, balloons and gifts. They greeted me with the infamous song Happy Birthday and a small firework! Ah, it is good to be home.

Take a click below to see some of the extra celebrants to be found at Zizo’s birthday bash, held right before my time at Houston’s.

Some are more ready than others It's 'go' time