I finally got the plane tickets to Amman. I woke up early this morning and headed to the Qatar Airways office, where I got the goodies and went back home with a huge smile.

Two weeks left folks, two weeks!

I have been away from my country for almost nine months now and the idea of me being there once again seems to be somehow too good to be true.

I must admit, Im extremely utterly and completely homesick.

I miss my parents, my sisters and my friends. I miss the traffic jam, the summer heat, and the crowded streets. I miss my favorite falafel place, the Rabieh neighborhood and Century cinema. I miss Mom’s food, Jessica’s nagging and Tania’s jokes.

I miss Sandy’s cozy house, Fairuz’ lush garden and Lana’s nice porch.

I miss the annoying gas vendor, the outspoken used-furniture dealer , and the persistent traffic lights beggars.

Ah, Jordan! I Miss you!