My friend Dan has been working to convert me into joining the Obama cult for the past month or so. Every morning he comes to the office and tells me about Obama. I keep telling Dan I’m not sure my citizenship papers will be completed in time for the elections, "so you might be preaching to the wrong crowd here." "But you can convince your husband," he tells me.

I tell him: "I like Obama, but Hillary is the one with the experience. She is the one who will be able to deal with the sharks."

He says "You are from Jordan, you like monarchies and you feel secure with having the same family in politics." "Maybe," I respond.

"But Obama strikes me as arrogant and overconfident for a junior senator,"  I say. "And Hillary is not?" he retorts.

Dan never stops. He sends me links and articles to show me how good and genuine Obama is. I have to admit, though, Obama is looking good these days. Even as a self-described Clinton supporter, the Obama charm is reaching me. I guess it is the message of hope that touches me most. We all need hope. Obama might sound naive and might be describing a fairytale political existence, but hearing him is inspiring although I do not quite buy it. I guess I’m too jaded to believe in radical changes, especially when it comes to politics.

Today is Super Tuesday and you can feel the excitement in the air, at least here in DC. I would be happy with either one of them winning, but then again my opinion doesn’t mean much. However, my husband is still undecided. Maybe Dan needs to go chat with him.