Here is a link to a feature that I wrote about a Costa Rican artist who is currently displaying her Petra-inspired artwork at the Jordanian embassy in Washington DC. The feature was published in The Jordan Times last Thursday.

Artist displays Petra-inspired paintings in Washington, DC
By Natasha Twal Tynes

Marité VidalesWASHINGTON, DC — For Costa Rican artist Marité Vidales, a brief trip to Jordan in the summer of 2005 served as more than just mere tourism. It was in this trip where she found a muse in the Nabatean city of Petra. Her fascination with Petra started from the first time she laid eyes on it. "I have to paint something about this," Vidales told her husband as soon as they got there. Immediately, the artist and her spouse started taking various pictures of the red-rose city to document everything they saw. "As I walked in the Siq, everywhere I looked I began imagining paintings, in the niches, on the stained rocks and the textured and wind-worn columns," Vidales explained. "I imagined the colors slowly changing throughout time. As soon as I returned from Jordan, I began to paint these images, based on my photographs and memories. I wanted to reproduce and perpetuate the experience," she added.

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