Iraqi blogger Zeyad who runs the popular blog Healing Iraq, has written a post about his recent trip to Amman. Here is an excerpt:

Amman is the same as I left it last time. An ever expanding bustling city that gives the false impression of modernity and a progressive, enlightened society. Yet, every Jordanian I spoke to thinks that Zarqawi is a martyr. One taxi driver frankly told me that one should not rejoice over Zarqawi’s death, for one simple reason: Americans and Iraqis are happy about it.

Dear Zeyad, I think you are generalizing here. I suggest you broaden your survey. Just take a scan of the various Jordanian blogs out there and see how many — including yours truly — have strongly condemned the sinister acts of Zarqawi and rejoiced at the end of his era. Yes, there are those who think of him as a martyr — including some members of the Islamic Action Front — but these represent a small minority.

Basing your opinion of Jordanian attitudes as a whole on a conversation with a taxi driver — not that I have anything against taxi drivers — is not fair to Jordan or Jordanians. Please don’t fall into this trap. There is always the good and the bad in every society. Don’t embellish the negative. Thank you. Enjoy Amman!