The smart husband managed to get the full interview of Queen Rania on Oprah digitized and onto this blog. So for those interested, who either weren’t able to see it or would like to see it again, it’s all available here. It’s about 19 minutes long. [The video is best enjoyed with a broadband connection, and could be pulled at any time. Right cick here (save target as) for the direct download link for the file. Thus far, this hasn’t been converted into Flash, but says their server will do it soon :0] Enjoy!

A still from Queen Rania's first interviewOkay, it’s back up again and this time it’s in Flash [Click to view]. It should even be capable of being podcast [gasp!]. As a flash movie the quality is not as great, so a WMV file will be loaded here for download only. And for those interested, Queen Rania did do Oprah once before, right after 9/11. This is the link to the transcript of that show.