The Jordanian-based news and entertainment portal Albawaba insists on calling insurgents in Iraq "resistance fighters." Unbelievable! Don’t they realize that those same "resistance fighters" just crossed the border to inflict the carnage in Amman? Or is Albawaba still following the flawed logic that when insurgents come to Jordan they are terrorists but when they are on the other side of the border they are "Resistance Fighters"?!? Here is an excerpt from this masterpiece:

US sources reported that 37 Iraqi resistance fighters were killed in an early morning military offensive on Monday. The attack, according to military spokesmen, occurred near the Iraqi-Syrian border, which has seen in recent weeks a surge in fighting as US troops attempt to thwart the passage of resistance fighters into Iraq from Syria’s ill-guarded border.

I wonder what the editors at Albawaba will make of this. Apparently, some new reports indicate that one of the terrorists — one of those Albawaba proudly labels "resistance fighters" — was released from US custody in Falluja only to make his way to Jordan to unleash this attack.