White NoiseIf you thought The Grudge, The Ring or even Saw were scary flicks, then to keep your heart intact I advise you not to watch White Noise.

It freaked the hell out of me. I think the last time I was that scared was probably when I watched The Exorcist, which, in my humble opinion, is still the scariest movie of all time.

White Noise deals with the concept of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), which is supposedly the method through which the dead connect with the living to send certain messages. I had never heard of EVP before, something that made the movie very engaging for me. I’m not sure why the critics were hard on this flick, as I thought it was well made and the performance by Michael Keaton was not bad. I would give it 7/10.

If you are in the mood to scare yourself to death and maybe mess with your mind by thinking of ways that you can communicate with the dead, then this movie is for you.