The Bomber Jameed has drawn attention to what he regards as irresponsible and inflammatory reporting in Jordanian newspaper al-Ghad and I can’t help but agree with him. Actually, I’d say what I read was outrageous! The article (in Arabic) is about the reaction of the family of the Iraq al-Hilla car bomber (pictured), who, to my great dismay, turns out to be a Jordanian national.

According to the article, the family of this mass-murder — who killed over 100 innocent, unarmed Iraqis — celebrated his "martyrdom" by organizing what is called the "wedding of the martyr." The author of this article refers to this butcher as a "shaheed," or a martyr, and calls his appalling act "martyrdom" and part of the "Iraqi resistance."

What is still worse is that the author twists the facts on the ground, saying most of those killed in this massacre were Americans. This is a total lie. Really, what kind of crap is this?!?!

I’m so furious! This is the worst journalism ever! Does al-Ghad think that they can be proactive by publishing this kind of crap. Is this what Jordanians should expect from this so called "controversial" new Jordanian publication.

I’m tempted to boycott this publication for publishing such an outrage!

UPDATE: I encourage everyone who is as outraged by this article as I am to send an e-mail to the editor-in-chief of al–Ghad newspaper and complain. His name is Imad al Hmoud and his e-mail is: