Jordanians said Saturday they were concerned about Syria’s fate with the escalating, multi-national demands for it to withdraw its forces from Lebanon.

Although Syria has been publicly urged to withdraw from Lebanon by Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian Authority, Russia, the United States and France, among other nations, some Jordanians reportedly believe the U.S. demands are a pretext by Washington to execute plans it has had for Damascus for some time.

Jordanians who spoke to United Press International said they believe the same U.S. scenario implemented in Iraq was being prepared against Syria. Khaled Walid, 25, said what happened to Iraq with the American threats before the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003 was now being repeated in Syria, "but with different pretexts."

Source: [New Kerala]

Is this article trying to say that the Jordanian public is siding with the Syrians? I wonder. Since I have been away from Jordan for a couple of months, I’m perhaps not as in touch with the Jordanian public’s reaction to recent Lebanese political developments. But I’m really interested to know what the Jordanian reaction is to the "people power" in Lebanon? Was it jubilation, disapproval, or even envy? Is there anyone who can shed some light on this?