In a 6 Feb. New York Times’ article about the major players in Arab media, the writer made sure to mention Jordan’s al- Ghad newspaper along with giant dailies like al-Hayat, al-Ahram and al-Sharq al-Awsat.

This is how the New York Times described the paper:

Al Ghad: This new, independent newspaper is making waves in Jordan, taking on the established government-owned papers. Al Ghad is trying to cater to Jordan’s young elite by writing about controversial issues – like education and democratic reform – of interest to Arab baby boomers. The paper strives for a balanced editorial page. For instance, it has published letters from the Israeli ambassador to Jordan, something other Arab newspapers are very rarely willing to do.

Frankly, I have not really been following al-Ghad lately, but now after reading this I think I should. A while back I reviewed the very first issue of the paper but I’m not sure how the paper has been developing since. Any al-Ghad followers out there? Is it really catering to “Jordan’s young elite” as the Times’ article claims?