In the spirit of respecting one of my new year’s resolutions, last night I cooked the Mexican dish Chili for the very fist time. I know, I know, it is not that complicated, but take it easy on me I’m still learning. The most unique thing about my endeavor last night was substituting sour cream (an almost non-existent item in this part of the world) with Labaneh (a Middle Eastern yoghurt cheese). The result was divine.

Still on the issue of making food, I thought I would share with you this picture series:

The wrap begins Brigitte peeks in Some words of advice The finish line Four down, 100 to go

Yes, the images you see are real and have not been altered. Click them for enlargements. This is me rolling grape leaves in an effort to master the art of making the famous Middle Eastern dish Warq w Kousa (stuffed grape leaves and zucchinis). For some reason I thought I would never see such a day since I have always thought of myself as a career woman (whatever that means). But while I was in Jordan, Brigitte and Zizo (the master) both encouraged me to take on the challenge of making this dish and I complied. It was great fun! To hell with the career, I’m all for making food!