Part of the birthday celebrations was to go to the movies and see a film Jeff was very much interested in: Two Brothers by director Jean-Jacques Annaud, creator of another film he regards as a classic, The Bear .

If you have not seen Two Brothers yet, then please do something about it now. Run to the nearest theatre if it’s still playing, rent the DVD or even get a pirated copy. It is really worth it.

The protagonists are two tigers and I’m not talking about animated ones, no. They are the real deal!

How they were trained to act so professionally is beyond me! The people behind this movie really worked hard to come up with this masterpiece. Please go see it now!

The fun part about watching this movie in Doha was that we had the whole theater to ourselves! Yep, we had our own private screening. It seems that no one in Doha was interested in seeing a tale of two tigers. We were. We were not disappointed.