Natasha and Dalia at farewell party

We are all set to go to Dubai Monday morning to celebrate our one-year wedding
anniversary. Reservations are made, tickets are issued and spirits are high! The
trip is short but hopefully it will be sweet. We return Wednesday night, thus
celebrating nearly three full days.

I’m also looking forward to seeing my good friend Dalia who resides in Dubai with her husband Duri and their newborn son, Sanad. Unfortunately, Duri will be out of town while we are there, but we might be able to catch him briefly before our return.

I haven’t seen Dalia, in ages. The last time was in Jordan, maybe two years ago. I’m sure we will have many things to talk about, especially now that she just had a baby boy.

The picture here is of Dalia and I nearly three years ago. It was taken in Amman, Jordan at a farewell party for me before I went to London to pursue higher education. Since that time, I’m quite positive we both have changed a great deal, both physically and mentally. We shall see.