We just got back home after a wonderful evening with a charming Iraqi couple: Ziad and Mai. We visited them mainly to congratulate them on the new place they moved into.

We had a very enjoyable time. We talked about a variety of topics ranging from politics, of course, to life in Doha and finally favorite vacation spots. The evening was pleasant and the food they served us was tasty.

Earlier that day, I woke up really late (2:00 PM –can you tell I’m tired?) and made banana fritters. They turned out to be edible, except for some few that were burnt! Ah, well, I’m, trying!

As soon as I file this dispatch, we are planning to immerse ourselves in a Six Feet Under marathon. We rented around six episodes from the second season and are planning to stay up late to watch them all. I really dig this show! It’s very smart, with powerful acting and intriguing scripts. Ok, time to end this post and get ready for the show. The night is young!