Check this out ladies and gentleman, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has made it to Doha. I’m really impressed. This is so quick for a developing Middle Eastern country!

Thanks to the City Center’s new movie theatre, we are getting to watch new flicks almost every week. When we first got here eight months ago, the movie scene was nearly non-existent. Now, as the country itself is growing and many innovative projects are underway, new theatres are coming to town. Not bad!

Im very excited about this movie because unlike the previous Harry Potter movies, this one is directed by Alfonso Cuaron, the Mexican director behind the drama Y Tu Mama Tambien.

Jeff is coming to pick me up from work at 8:30 — as Im working a semi-civilized shift today — to head to the one and only City Centre. 45 minutes to go. I can’t wait!