I’m working until 3:30 AM!! AHHHH!! I have no idea how I will stay awake and be cogent!

Earlier today we went to one of Qatar Telecom’s (Qtel) offices and signed up for ADSL internet service. They have a cool offer nowadays in which they give the modem for free and don’t charge for installation. But, as usual, they shafted us (and anyone else who takes the offer) with the deposit. It turned out that we had to pay 900 QR deposit, some $300.

We’ve been fortunate that my employer could be the guarantor on all other phone related transactions. But for some reason they do not provide users the opportunity to use their guarantor, everyone has to plunk down their 900 riyals. Jeff is sure this is part of the vast telecom conspiracy being perpetrated around the world, a conspiracy theory he fell hard for after dealing with Jordan Telecom, an organization he thinks works for the devil.

I tried to look at this in a positive way by considering the deposit as a saved sum of money for a black day, following an Arab proverb.

Before coming to work we watched The Big Lebowski, a first time for me, and I must say it was quite entertaining. It was a bit silly but had its funny moments. Ah, and I loved the soundtrack!