Last night was fun. We went out with a diverse group of people to The Korean Garden Restaurant here in Doha. The food was just superb. I had my all-time favorite Korean dish: Bulgogi. Going back in time, I was first introduced to the Korean delicacy when we were on our honeymoon in Istanbul. I tried Bulgogi per Jeff’s recommendation and I was hooked!Enjoying a moment in Doha

Besides the exotic food, the unique assortment of people we were with gave a special flavor to our outing. There was Manu from South Africa, Amal and Katia from Lebanon and Julia from Brazil, who is originally Lebanese, having moved to Brazil at the age of 7. We chatted the night away discussing various topics ranging from the large amount of sodium in Doha’s bottled water to the Lebanese community in Brazil, some seven million people!!

Jeff played the role of gourmet last night, recommending dishes and explaining the ingredients to those who were interested. Jeff’s knowledge of Korean food came via his Korean friend, Jun, whom he shared a flat with in DC after a semester with him as a neighbor in the American University dorms.

We came back soon after midnight and watched the 80’s movie The Seventh Sign, starring Demi Moore. The flick was interesting but a bit cheesy, perhaps due to its age and idealism.