The sandstorm in Doha continued for the second day. It was really weird. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Sand got everywhere. in my hair, in my nose … in my sandals … it even managed to get inside our apartment which is on the third floor!

Meanwhile, last night I played a host for almost the first time since we got married. Maria and Mahmoud (a Jordanian couple we know from Amman) came to visit us. I enjoyed being the “housewife,” serving them beverage and sweets. They also got us a nice housewarming present: A frame and a candle holder.

Earlier that day I met my Lebanese friend Amal for lunch at Applebee’s. She just came back from a month’s vacation in Lebanon. We had a lot to talk about, especially office gossip. She also got me nice gifts from Lebanon: Nora Jones lastest CD “Feels like home” and an inlaid wooden box with inlaid coasters.

Back at the Tynes residence, Jeff and I are doing lots of thinking and talking … We spent last night just discussing our next step …we are working on some plans … big plans!