My health is bad at the moment. I spent the weekend in bed … Sore throat, frequent coughs and general fatigue.

As for the Tunisia trip, it is actually proving to be a headache due to some expected complications. Don’t know when or if I am going to cover the summit. I should “know bukra” (tomorrow) … yeah whatever!

Meanwhile, the saga with Qtel continues. Our landline was disconnected just three weeks after its installation … of course this comes with no explanation. So here we are, once again sans phone and sans internet. In other words, completely isolated.

After making a couple of phone calls it turns out that we have exceeded our bill limit for this month. Could this be possible? No! And who said there was a bill limit in the first place? It is becoming obvious Qtel sucks and they control everything here: cable, mobile, internet and all local and long distance telephone. This is the usual situation when a company has a monopoly says my spouse, the telecom conspiracy theorist.

The issue still remains a mystery and requires further investigation.