So I was off and we really had a good day! Woke up at 1:00 PM, then started moving at around 3:30. We had lunch at Chili’s. Man their portions are so big, they are actually humongous. What kind of people are those capable of finishing Chili’s portions? Are they really homosapien?
After lunch, we went to Doha’s second biggest mall “Landmark.” We prefer it over the other one, “City Centre” because it is less crowded. We continued our post Christmas shopping. I got black pants and slippers while Jeff got really cool, funky shirts from his favorite shop in Doha, Zara.

After finishing the shopping, we got ourselves tickets for Matrix Revolutions that was showing at Landmark’s movie theatre. What did I think of the movie? Well, I’m just glad it is the last sequel of the Matrix . I think it was overkill I don’t get it when movie makers decide to smother us with sequels whenever a certain flick makes it big. Don’t they realize that you can’t recreate beauty! Anyway, just a thought!