Christmas was low-key here but nice. We decorated our hotel room and brought ourselves a couple of gifts 😉 I got Harry Potter 4 “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and another book “The Hours”. Jeff got speakers for the laptop. On Christmas day, we woke up late, ordered pizza and then went out with a friend of ours “Addasi” to an English pub called “Rydges”.

I called my parents and my sister Briggite and spoke with Jesscia and Amy, they are the cutest thing ever 🙂 We also tried to call Larry and Ledhu, my new parents 🙂 but they were not home. We left a message and are gonna try again tonight.

The day is going smoothly, no major news except for an earthquake in Iran. I’m following up the story. We are thinking of going to watch Matrix Revolution this evening. I have to get a nap after work I didn’t get to sleep well last night!! My body clock is still out of wack!