I’m back to the normal shift after two days off. This shift starts at 7:00 am and ends at 4:30 PM. Still though, my body clock is all out of wack. I couldn’t sleep last night for more than two hours so my concentration level is challenged at the moment. I’m actually dreading this day, as I will be working with a very rude and abnoxious editor. We really don’t get along and he even bad-mouthed me in public last week. Anyway, I will try to keep my distance and stay cool because usually hell breaks loose when I lose my temper 😉

The weekend was pretty relaxing, lots of sleeping, eating and of course movies. We watched Kate and Leopod and Swordfish. Kate and Leopod is a bit cheesy but not your typical cheese, it’s uinque cheese and lots of fun. Highly recommend for females.

We also went to a real state agency called Al Asmakh and infomed them of our interst to find a two-room furnished apartment. The agent is taking us today at 2:30PM to see two places. I hope my horrible editor will not object if I leave for an hour. I mean I’m entitled to a one-hour lunch break, but you know, he sometimes can be a pain.