Ok, so it seems like this thing works. I’m actually excited. I just spoke to my husband Jeff and told him about the weblog and he said he will link it to our website. This way our family and friends can keep up with our latest news. I am sure my mom (we call her Zeezo) will be thrilled to know of this weblog. She worries about me all the time, especially now that I’m far away from home in Amman, Jordan.

My husband and I recently moved to Qatar Doha where I got a job as a journalist for the english website of Al Jazeera.

We hardly know anyone in this country so we are discovering this place slowly but surely. It’s not too bad so far.

I’m almost done with my shift and I will be soon heading home, a hotel room for now, to sleep. One of my colleagues offered to give me a ride, which is a relief as it is very difficult to find a cab in this country especially in the early hours of the morning.