Zarqawi’s latest speech — in which he threatened to kill His Majesty King Abdallah — is a desperate attempt by a low-life thug who has realized his battle to win the hearts and minds of Arab youth is miserably failing!

I think the reason he has made these threats is simply because he was taken aback by the reaction of the Jordanian people, who took to the streets condemning the attacks and shouting loud and clear "Zarqawi, burn in hell". It is also worth noting that Zarqawi did not expect Jordanians to fully unite behind His Majesty following the attacks. With this statement Zarqawi has clearly revealed his sense of desperation. What a pathetic loser! Here is an article about this latest audiotape. Also here is Aljazeera’s article in Arabic.

UPDATE: Jordanian blogger Oleander has a good post about Al-Qaeda desperation.